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Race: New versus Old Media

Venue: First Televised Leaders' Debate, Manchester/your laptop/your TV

Twitter build-up:

Nick Clegg (LibDem leader): Just having a first look at the studio for this evening's debate. Nervous and excited? Absolutely.

Iain Dale (Tory campaigner): Every undecided voter I've called on this pm is watching the debate tonight. Democracy in action and proof that the debates are a good idea

Fairy_poo (Random member of public): Check out #LeadersDebate. You'll find only 2 kinds of people: Those who don't give a shit, and those who REALLY give a shit.

And they're off:

Johnprescott (Deluded): Tonight you're seeing the real Gordon I know. Funny, intelligent and a man of real substance.

Hugo Rifkind (Columnist for The Times): Gordon looks like he died 8 mins ago and they just restarted his heart.

All: Is Gordon Brown wearing lipstick?

Twodoctors (Green candidate): If Dave is C3PO made out of ham, Gordo looks like Darth Vader when his helmet comes off. Clegg a shaved Ewok.

Higgis (random member of public): Please, someone ask a question about prostitution. Dave: "I actually went to a brothel the other day"

Alex Massie (Spectator): Ah, this is the bit in which we all boast about how great the NHS is while demonstrating how, in fact, it is crap.

Paul Waugh (Evening Standard): Can't wait for Clegg to say "I agree with Nick...Oh Christ, I AM Nick..."

Reelmolesworth (Random drunk): masters hav a drinking game with 1 tot from the bot when grabber cameron sa job tax. all are now INSENSIBEL

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