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Venezuelans can't seem to get enough of their colourful president, Hugo Chávez. Or maybe they can, but they just don't have a choice. 

Not content with ending presidential term limits via a referendum in February 2009 so that he can now govern for ever and ever (and he says he'll need at least another ten years for the socialist revolution to "take root"), Chávez also feels that it's necessary to bombard his electorate with quality Hugo time through every medium available. 

Venezuelans already have the option to say "Aló Presidente" every Sunday by watching his live chat show of the same name, which regularly tips over the seven-hour mark and once included a six-minute description of the time he had an attack of diarrhoea while giving a speech. And if that doesn't satisfy their Hugo needs, then they also have the good fortune to wake up to Suddenly with Chávez, a radio venture of his which can take to the air at any hour, and which has previously included him warbling presidential songs, ad lib. 

Now — presumably concerned that people would be daunted by all that free time — Chávez has taken to Twitter, the social networking site that operates every minute of the day. Lucky Venezuelans. 

Chávez hasn't always expressed affection for Western technology. In January, he attacked the Sony PlayStation as "poison", arguing that violent computer games teach you to kill and are a powerful tool to promote weapons sales by capitalist countries. 

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Celia Krell
June 13th, 2010
11:06 AM
This is the best column around these days. I live from one month to the next, sustained only by The Prospect of Standpoint (ironic?)

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