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Dear Brethren
there is something happening here:

after dawn prayers
as our leader spoke of our duties to the infidel
asphodel after asphodel flowered
from his mouth and every other orifice
it was a wonder and a horror both
spent and unrecognisable
we put him to bed
an army of tall stalks in starry bloom
has overtaken the compound

Executioner Brother’s sword
so lovingly whetted
has a djinn inside it
which spins him like a tireless top
he cannot let go
but neither can he do his work
if only there were grain to scythe here
we could set him to it

meanwhile our arsenal is evolving
guns grow blunted tines and there is nothing
to do on manoeuvres
but rake patterns in the sand
we have noticed hummingbird drones
recording our activities
the beauty we create will be widely known

our pregnant sisters in their lonely outposts
tend their nests of ammo
but gestation’s gone awry and would-be
mothers of destruction shed all modesty
let down their hair and sing out loud
as heaps of rounds and magazines hatch
geodes that dazzle and a clutch of ammonites
whose trapped dragonflies take wing

O, Brethren transfixed in your distant bedrooms
illumined by the blue flicker of screens
the pixels are undoing into something new
whatever all-embracing force is reinventing us
we send you this message:
it is great
there is no god but this
gracious and merciful opening

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