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Italy is perhaps the most dramatic example of the havoc wrought by the custodians of a civilisation that has turned against its most ancient traditions. It was no accident that the founding treaty of the EU was signed in Rome more than 60 years ago: it was a conscious attempt to evoke the grandeur of both ancient and medieval Roman empires, with a large admixture of Marxism from the Italian Communist visionary Altiero Spinelli, after whom the European Parliament names its largest building. What actually emerged was a form of federalism that, unlike its American counterpart, rejected the legitimacy of the nation state, which was deemed to have failed in Europe. Yet it is not the nation state but the European superstate that is blamed for the present crisis — and rightly so. Italy has been the first port of call for the most recent wave of migration from the Muslim world, yet is powerless to control its borders, which has made the electorate acutely aware of the loss of sovereignty implied by membership of the eurozone. With the moral architecture of this European experiment in ruins, Italians have abandoned their postwar parties and elected a government that is unashamedly nationalist. The interior minister has promised to deport half a million illegal migrants and spend far beyond the budgetary limits imposed by Brussels, with which Rome is now on a collision course. Italy, hitherto the most fragile of nation states, is uniting against the enemy: the European dream of abolishing nations and borders — a dream that has become a nightmare.

And the migration problem — itself a euphemism for the political and cultural problem of unassimilated Islam — divides the whole of Western and Northern Europe. Swedish politics and society are if anything in worse shape than Germany’s, for example. Only in Central Europe is there something approaching consensus in favour of a nation state based on common values. These values are essentially Judaeo-Christian, despite generations of Communist rule. And even in Western Europe the only values that offer hope of restoring equilibrium are the biblical ones: filtered through enlightenment and modernity, to be sure, but with the God of Israel still discernible amid the chaos, the creator of a rational universe and a moral order, whose commandments serve as the ultima ratio for a humanity formed in the imago Dei.

Islam presents a direct challenge to the survival of this irreducible core of Western civilisation. The Koran posits a different universe from the Bible. Hence Oriental and Occidental civilisations have often clashed. It is as yet impossible to foresee whether the nations of Europe will be able to find a modus vivendi with Islam. Such a modus vivendi would enable Jews, Christians and others to reach a mutually respectful accommodation with a Muslim minority that is fast becoming a majority in many European cities. The alternative scenarios are too unpalatable to contemplate: a segregated society heading for civil war, or the mass conversion and Islamisation of parts of Europe and the disintegration of Western civilisation. Jewish emigration would be one of the first warning signs that Europe has failed to rise to this challenge. That emigration may already have begun. The prospect of a Corbyn government has even prompted talk of emigration among British Jews — a spectre that not even the threat of a Nazi invasion had ever raised before.

This brings me back to flags. It is a bad sign for Jews if Christians abandon their own identity in favour of an Islamic one. To paraphrase Evelyn Waugh: we British need to put out more flags — only not the black, white, red and green of the Palestinians, but the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. From Pittsburgh to Paris, Jews need strong nation states to protect them.
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December 7th, 2018
1:12 PM
"And even in Western Europe the only values that offer hope of restoring equilibrium are the biblical ones..." How correct. Solzhenitsyn said where the 20th century went wrong was that it forgot God. (It got Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, instead.) Society seems to be wanting to try everything else first, before it comes back to that realization.

Donald M Coder
December 7th, 2018
12:12 PM
Islam has spoken clearly that they intend to destroy Israel, USA, and Western civilization. They will disappear into the dustbin of history because this means they oppose the God of Creation! And the bigoted, anti-Semitic UN will join them.

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