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Another example of Corbyn’s pathological refusal to face the truth was his reaction to the suspension from the Labour Party of his old ally Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London, for repeating the outrageous lie that Hitler was a Zionist — implying that Zionists were therefore in some sense accomplices and successors of the Nazis. According to a reporter for the left-wing Vice magazine, Corbyn’s only reaction was to ask: “Can anyone tell me what Ken’s done wrong?”

Corbyn saw nothing anti-Semitic in a mural painted in London’s East End by the American graffiti artist Kalen Ockerman, also known as Mear One. It depicted hideous hook-nosed capitalists playing Monopoly on the backs of the oppressed. When Jews protested and even the borough mayor, a notorious Islamist, ordered the mural to be removed, Corbyn protested.

These incidents are no aberration. Corbyn’s offensive conduct towards Jews and anyone else who challenges his complicity in anti-Semitism forms a consistent, lifelong pattern of behaviour. He personifies the pathology of the Left throughout the West, admittedly in an extreme form. For hardline Leftists, Israel is the archetypal enemy of the archetypal victims: Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. The creation of a Jewish state was the root of all evil, because it has given Western imperialism and capitalism a permanent bridgehead in the world of Islam, a bastion of the global bourgeoisie in the midst of the new proletariat. The existence of Israel is a challenge even to liberal Europeans, because its proud defence of its national identity and independence calls into question the internationalism of the EU. But for the hard Left, Israel is not merely an awkward anomaly, to be alternately chastised or cold-shouldered. For them, Israel is an arch-enemy that must be crushed. Hence Corbyn shares platforms with his “friends” of Hamas and Hezbollah, broadcasts on Iranian TV and lays wreaths to commemorate the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes. We have the extraordinary spectacle of a man with every likelihood of becoming British prime minister who deliberately aligns himself with those who advocate a second Holocaust.

One might suppose that if Corbyn were to find himself in Downing Street, the mandarins of Whitehall would sabotage any attempt by his government to carry out extremist policies. But that assumption does not hold water. The election of a Corbyn government would usher in a period of such chaos that any resistance within the British establishment would struggle to organise itself. The United States and Israel, which have always shared intelligence and much else with Britain on a mutually beneficial basis, would have no choice but to desist from all co-operation with Corbyn’s revolutionary regime. But that would also weaken the opposition. And we know from our experience of Brexit just how much we can rely on our European partners.

One opportunist, though, would scarcely fail to seize his chance. The Kremlin’s offer of an Anglo-Russian reset would be irresistible to Corbyn. We know this because he has never knowingly criticised any policy emanating from Moscow; and because from Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov, known as Lenin, to Vladimir Putin, Russian leaders have known exactly how to exploit the useful idiots of the West. From a Jewish point of view there is an ominous continuity in Russian policy, which has always been implicitly or explicitly anti-Semitic, often thinly disguised in campaigns against “cosmopolitanism”, openly hostile towards Zionism or any other assertion of Jewish identity, and generally supportive of Israel’s enemies.
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December 7th, 2018
1:12 PM
"And even in Western Europe the only values that offer hope of restoring equilibrium are the biblical ones..." How correct. Solzhenitsyn said where the 20th century went wrong was that it forgot God. (It got Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, instead.) Society seems to be wanting to try everything else first, before it comes back to that realization.

Donald M Coder
December 7th, 2018
12:12 PM
Islam has spoken clearly that they intend to destroy Israel, USA, and Western civilization. They will disappear into the dustbin of history because this means they oppose the God of Creation! And the bigoted, anti-Semitic UN will join them.

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