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What shocks me, frankly, is that it's taken this long. It's a scandal, really. When you think about the hold they have over us . . . and the money and everything . . . Ali Baba refusing to leave the county. Whatever he calls himself  

With the hook?

Never mind all the rest of it . . . the red tape . . .

. . . Immigration.

All those "Eurocrats" with their snouts in our trough . . .

. . . Funny-shaped bananas . . .

. . . the metric system . . .

Oh I don't care a fig about that! Do you? But, I mean, God knows what Ali Baba's costing us . . . And it's all coming from Europe. Human rights mumbo jumbo . . . We don't have any say. Or we didn't. Until now.

We should definitely have our say. In or out?

Shake it all about!


You're right though. It's about time.

Slow down, Liz! I wouldn't go counting your chickens just yet!

Funny-shaped chickens!


I was just  

Well, because it hasn't happened. Yet. Our so called "referendum". Frankly, I'll be shocked if it does. It's not the first time we've been promised one, after all.

. . . Isn't it?

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