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Just another example of your typical institutionalised racism isn't it, Fran? Really.

It is, Ali. Sadly. Yes. Sigh.

Haha. That's right! Pause for world-weary sigh! Nothing's really changed since Stephen Lawrence. Nothing at all.

And of course Joe Public leaps on it as something legitimate to hang their prejudices on to at last. 

And the police use "sensitivity" as an excuse for their own incompetence.

I thought they caught the guys?

I mean the others. Hundreds of them apparently. Asian men. Grooming young white girls. If you believe the statistics —

Which you can't.

That's right. Which of course you can't. There are statistics, as somebody rather clever said, and statistics — or something — and they're all lies! 

There are probably hundreds of white men  doing exactly the same thing.

Of course there are!

But because they're not — y'know ... working in groups. And because they're actually white ...

So to speak.

Nobody puts two and two together ...

But then as soon as somebody who's sort of — not white ...

As it were.

Does this thing ... which is absolutely inappropriate. Let's be clear on that, Fran —

Oh absolutely, Ali.

Race issues aside. Let's call a spade a — fact. Or whatever ...

They hang around at the chip shops, apparently ... 


The Asian men. That's where they find these white girls.

I bet.

And shopping malls ... The sorts of places these types of girl tend to hang around ... And let's face it, poor girls ... They may come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

They do. 

But that's just it. Isn't it? These, you know — not white — sort of men.

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