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Jubilee Jubilation
July/August 2012


Oh she's a super lady!

Absolutely super!

A real trouper!

Rain or shine-there she is!

A symbol of stability!

Oh, she's super!

A symbol of . . . Everything, really.

It's continuity, really. Isn't it? In a changing world . . . Makes you proud to be British!

Oh, yes.

Because there she is. You know — rain or shine. And there we are — proud as anything. About being British.

No matter the weather! She'll be there. In her . . . little hat. And shoes, and things.

And matching coat!

Oh yes! Always a matching coat! Matching and pastel!

That's right! Always the same! Oh, you've got to love her for it!

She's a super lady! Such a trouper.

And she must be what? Ever so old. By now. She must be in her mid-eighties!

In the pouring rain!

Regal as anything. No matter what. Just the little wave. Never too much waving. Never too little.

Was she waving? D'you know I don't think she was waving. Not on the boat.

No? Oh, I'm sure she was!

I can't visualise it though. She just sort of stood there, didn't she? Looking a bit fed up. Poor thing.

Well — it was cold. Wasn't it? She was probably frozen solid!

But they had that heater-type thingummy. By her feet. To keep the chill off —

Oh. Good. I hated to think of her shivering.

She's one courageous lady! Rain or shine!

Rain, more like!

There she'll be . . . Sometimes waving. Sometimes just standing . . .

One remarkable lady!

It's these so-called "republicans" I want to throttle!

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