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Of course, Google is not a tiny bakery. It has a claim to be counted as one of the most powerful companies in the world. But if the charges are true it leads to fascinating thoughts, not least a reminder of the evils that men (and women) do when they think they are acting in the pursuit of the good.

People who would judge the quality of people by the colour of their skin are widely regarded as racists. Nobody could think of themselves as being less racist, I am sure, than the average Google employee. Yet what is alleged is that in the cause of being anti-racist these same people became active racists. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that someone high on moral certainty became what they profess to hate. But what a case study.


Talking of hate, since we last went to press the funeral pile of careers caused by the #MeToo movement has continued to stack up. Not a single case has yet gone to trial. Almost none ever will. But on a regular basis famous men have had their careers utterly destroyed because of a single allegation in a single tweet. Before Christmas the BBC cancelled the broadcast of one of their showcase Christmas dramas (an Agatha Christie adaptation) because one of the actors, Ed Westwick, had been accused of assault by three women. After Christmas it turned out that the BBC were so hungry to show the drama that they started reshooting the scenes with another actor in the scenes Westwick had been in. This technique had already been applied, in record-quick time, with a movie formerly starring Kevin Spacey, who had also been accused.

I wonder what the circumstances are under which Westwick could ever be exonerated? Or how he could ever regain his career if he was? Could he sue? Could he get the original version of the drama shown? The Agatha Christie drama he would have starred in is Ordeal by Innocence.
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