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There is a famous Chinese saying about the feeling that can come from sitting by a river watching the bodies of your enemies float past. It is an instinct I am nervous to celebrate because of a fear of hubris. But after observing last month the difficulties experienced by Tariq Ramadan, now in French custody on rape charges, I cannot avoid mentioning another body that just floated by.

Unlike Ramadan, Jeremy Newmark was never a figure of much note. But he did find his way up through various Jewish organisations. His rise was always inexplicable, for he had the variety of charm that leaves a slight oil slick in its wake. With no especial talent or expertise he nevertheless became  prominent. For some years he was one of a small group of communal leaders who decided they knew best: specifically that the Jewish community should distance itself from — indeed declare war on — any ally seen to be on the political Right. The success of this game plan can be seen everywhere.

Naturally Newmark always hoped to pick up his prize and saw his route to it. While the rest of his community were backing away, Newmark auditioned to give cover to Corbyn. Not only did he become a Labour candidate (unsuccessfully) at the last election, but he was allegedly on a list of peers that Corbyn wanted to put forward. What a perfect figleaf this would have been. Corbyn needed a Jew. Newmark would not have disdained a Labour peerage.

Except that the whole thing has come crashing down. The Jewish Chronicle recently broke the long-rumoured story that Newmark had to leave his previous employment as CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council because of accusations that he had been dishonest with his expenses and cheated the charity of funds. He has now resigned as chair of the Jewish Labour Movement.
The German translation of my latest book has come out under the slightly stronger title Der Selbstmord Europas (“The Suicide of Europe”). Happily it swiftly sold out and had to be reprinted. I took to Twitter to apologise to my German readers that Amazon in their country has already run out of stock. With some assistance and considerable pride I sent out my first Tweet in German. Instantly I got a reply from a German reader, thanking me for my pains but adding, “Appreciate the effort, but don’t worry, Douglas, we all speak English.”
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April 20th, 2018
1:04 PM
The pop artist Morrissey recommended reading Douglas Murray`s book The Strange Death of Europe. There`s even an audio version free on YouTube. It`s not Corbyn I am voting for it`s for the Labour Manifesto. Corbyn could drop dead tomorrow and I`d still be voting Labour who will create over a million homes etc. The glorious chaotic dawn of Brexit got rid of the vile Cameron and Osborne. Together with the Labour Manifesto Douglas Murray`s excellent book is actually an excellent reason for muslims,jews,christians and secularists to vote Labour. The philosopher Zizek also advocates voting Labour.

April 1st, 2018
1:04 PM
"If Theresa May had recently been exposed as being a member of some far-right". There is nothing "right wing" about the conservative party. It is after all part of the LibLabCon, a one party state distracting the population with arguments about left and right.

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