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There are many good reasons to be cautious when it comes to attributing blame in a case like that of the nerve agent attack last month in Salisbury. Unfortunately none of them applies in the case of Jeremy Corbyn. In the aftermath of that outrage the Leader of the Opposition attempted to portray himself as a wise and cautious statesman facing down a government of Dr Strangeloves. But such caution is only ever expressed in one direction.

While he urges an extraordinary — indeed apparently unattainable — level of care when it comes to the analysing of chemical weapons suspected of being used by the governments of Russia or Syria, a wholly different standard of evidence applies if Israel engages in a defensive war. Even when Israel is not involved in any military action in Gaza or anywhere else, Corbyn is always the first to the soap box and the microphone, accusing Israel of human rights violations, war crimes and worse. Why might that be?
One explanation is suggested by the latest revelations about Corbyn’s personal contentment with anti-Semitism. Last month an investigative report into a secret Facebook group called Palestine Live was published by the researcher David Collier. The group was packed with anti-Semites and Holocaust-deniers and repeatedly expressed anti-Semitic sentiments. Stories of Labour Party anti-Semitism no longer get much coverage because people are clearly slightly bored with them. That and the fact that the bar of what is unacceptable continues to rise and rise.

So it was with the muted reaction to this latest disgrace, and the sly response. At first the Labour Party claimed that Corbyn had never been an active member of the group. When given another chance to survey the evidence they admitted that he had been but said that he had left the group once he became Labour leader. And so on. Less attention was paid to the fact that Corbyn’s son Seb (who is also John McDonnell’s chief of staff ) joined the group just last year.

If Theresa May had recently been exposed as being a member of some far-right chat-group with David Duke, and people close to her had also been in the forum, one suspects that the matter would not have died within hours. The Toby Young comparison returns to mind. The British press spent an infinitely greater amount of time focussing on the Twitter history of a journalist recommended as a member of a 15-member quango than it did to the latest exposure of facts about a man who could well be the next Prime Minister.
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April 20th, 2018
1:04 PM
The pop artist Morrissey recommended reading Douglas Murray`s book The Strange Death of Europe. There`s even an audio version free on YouTube. It`s not Corbyn I am voting for it`s for the Labour Manifesto. Corbyn could drop dead tomorrow and I`d still be voting Labour who will create over a million homes etc. The glorious chaotic dawn of Brexit got rid of the vile Cameron and Osborne. Together with the Labour Manifesto Douglas Murray`s excellent book is actually an excellent reason for muslims,jews,christians and secularists to vote Labour. The philosopher Zizek also advocates voting Labour.

April 1st, 2018
1:04 PM
"If Theresa May had recently been exposed as being a member of some far-right". There is nothing "right wing" about the conservative party. It is after all part of the LibLabCon, a one party state distracting the population with arguments about left and right.

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