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Or is he just, as Monty Python might have said, a very naughty boy? Does his reading of Elijah’s prayer at this so-called Seder, re-envisaged as “Fill this cup with the hope that socialism and revolution will be upon us soon,’’ correlate with his failure to notice that the East London mural was anti-Semitic? Or not to observe when he logged on to the website Palestine Live over a period of two years, that some of the contributors spoke about Jews in a manner contradictory to his “lifelong opposition to racism”, a phrase used by Momentum founder Jon Lansman on the  Today programme as an excuse for his boss’s behaviour.

Corbyn has spent many months preaching on the very campuses where Jewish students are being bullied and Jewish speakers are routinely no-platformed. Seumas and John got on with running the party and Jeremy did what he’s good at: spouting his 40-year-old Marxist beliefs, which, like ballroom dancing, cookery, allotments and talent shows have miraculously come back into fashion just by standing still. Did he perhaps, while promising free tuition to tomorrow’s voters in exchange for marks on the ballot paper, mention the plight of Jewish students on campus, the barracking of philo-Semitic speakers or the global injustice of BDS?

Meanwhile, Momentum are calling to account any Labour councillors who attended the first march against anti-Semitism. For attending a protest! In a land of free speech. Deselection is going on behind closed doors and moderate Labour supporters are being pushed out. It is a bloodless coup and I wouldn’t be surprised if we are blamed for the blood. I called out Ed Miliband five years ago for his negativity towards Israel. It became a big story. Little did I know how much worse it could get — and what does he have to say on the subject?

Sometimes I get so tired of world domination. It gets in the way of acting, caring for family and going to Waitrose. Sometimes I would just like to be a mere citizen — an actress, not a Jewish actress. For my books to be in the Humour section, not in Jewish Humour. Oftentimes I get mortified by hearing the word “anti-Semitism” in the news because I can hear the bigots saying,“Oh, it’s the bloody Jews AGAIN — why are they always the ones in the middle of the trouble?” Well, we’ve asked the same question, mate, for hundreds of years — why us? We are so few, a mere 240,000 in Britain, and compared to others, so law-abiding. So why?

Almost 6,000 jihadist crimes, torture, beheading, bombing, driving into civilians, trafficking of young women, stabbing, suicide bombing have NOT been committed by Jews. And anti-Semitism all over Europe is rising. Why?

Jeremy, you maintain you are anti-racist and I believe you probably are — but it is perfectly possible to be anti-racist and anti-Semitic in a far-left and, indeed, far-right mindset. Don’t you see that by not acting you condone? I wonder if you paused for thought when you heard these words at the Seder — read from the Hagaddah, in every Jewish home, for 4,000 years — “In every generation there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us.”

“Make the lie a big one. Tell it enough times and eventually it will be believed,” said the monstrous architect of the Holocaust. The Jewish population must stand up and tell our  story again. And again.
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