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Victims of terror: Yazidis are rescued by Kurdish forces after being trapped by ISIS in the Sinjar mountains last month

British citizens are supporting genocide. Not ignoring genocide, or being complicit in genocide, but actively supporting genocide. The murder of the Christians and Yazidi of Mesopotamia by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is being supported by direct financial aid from the mosques of this country, and by fighters raised in Britain who are crossing a quarter of the planet to partake in genocide.

This was the conclusion that I reached after attending last Saturday's anti-ISIS demonstration in London. Far more modest in size than the thousands strong anti-Israel demonstrations that have been receiving so much media-oxygen, this protest was directed at a far worse evil. A sample of what is being done: after slaughtering the male population of Yazidi villages, the ISIS forces round up the women to be openly sold as sexual chattel, in accordance with Koranic injunction.

So, in the 21st century, the century of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, we have a return to the slave market. Human types we thought extinct march around in the world of the airplane and the personal computer. Minds that are half a step removed from the stone age are brandishing modern weaponry.  And this monstrous regression is occurring with the full support of people in the UK.

That support is completely clear to those on the receiving end of it. A Kurdish gentleman attending the rally remarked bitterly that a British born and trained Muslim fanatic was a hundred times worse than anything local, and that many young Muslims travel to London specifically for the purpose of indoctrination. I have heard similar stories from Nairobi to Tripoli.

British support, and European support (fighters have been flocking to Iraq and Syria from all over the continent), for these atrocities make a nonsense of the isolationist claims of certain thinkers. Writing in the Guardian, former Stop the War convenor Lindsey German asks who would support "further military intervention" in the area. That point of view is phrased more honestly by former far-right US presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan who says it is of no concern to him if one group of foreigners kills the other, and that our boys should stay home.

But what we are seeing plainly is military intervention by Britain in this region, and on the wrong side. Who will seriously and honestly say that, if boys born and raised in London are now herding chain women to the slave docks, that this is not Britain's responsibility? And who is so myopic as to think that if this responsibility is evaded, that we will not all pay the bitter price? When the last Christian has fled Iraq and the last Yazidi has been murdered, and those British boys return with British passports, who do you think they will target next?

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well well well
September 3rd, 2014
10:09 AM
I take this article on in the light of trending events which far exceed the most pessimistic predictions of anti islamist.Is there worse to come? Undoubtedly, stay tuned to the news.My only objection to the article is the asylum of refugees. Events show that people of non western cultures carry the seeds of future conflict.

August 26th, 2014
7:08 PM
Excellent article and excellent comment from Mike Bergetr. Many celebrity intellectuals (Zizek,Berger,Chomsky,Butler) and entertainers (Alexei Seyle,Brian Eno) have become traitors to civilisation (useful idiots) in their anti-Israel protests. They have fallen into the anti-Israel trap. Quite simply Israeli Intelligence is more intelligent than its enemies. And more intelligent than its allies. Viva Israel!

August 22nd, 2014
10:08 PM
Thank you Hugo Schmidt for writing such a forthright piece. I am weary of the hand-wringing "the West is to blame for this catastrophe" message that so many media pundits keep peddling. Those who promote this belief are guilty of overestimating the extent of Western power and responsibility. They need to face up to how vulnerable we are becoming. The widespread enthusiasm for the Arab Spring showed up the shallowness of many of our political commentators. They would have urged us to give material support to the very fanatics they are now horrified by. We seem to be stuck with an intelligentsia that almost unthinkingly attributes moral superiority to rebel.

Mike Bergetr
August 21st, 2014
6:08 AM
And why Hugo do you not include Israel amongst those communities which need Britain's support? I would have though there is no better case that this tiny state defending itself against the very barbarism that threatens Britain and the rest of the world. Or do you believe all the BS peddled around "occupation" and "blockade"?

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