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Friday 8th April 2016
Standpoint Presenting Two Debates At HowTheLightGetsIn 2016

Standpoint Presenting Two Debates At HowTheLightGetsIn 2016
We're delighted to announce that Standpoint will partnering with HowTheLightGetsIn festival 2016.

The festival is unique. It's the world's largest philosophy and music festival — ideas by day, dancing by night. With over 700 events, the range and depth of the festival is unmatched.

The events we're presenting run true to Standpoint's mission and concerns: defending and celebrating our civilisation and the values that underpin the free world. 

We'll be presenting two debates: disputing the future of politics in "The Crisis of the West" and tackling the prospect of peace in "The Morality of War". 

The Crisis of the West features Philip Collins, Kwasi Kwarteng, Nayantara Sahgal, with Hilary Lawson hosting.

Western values have been extraordinarily successful. Yet now, we seem on the backfoot unsure of ourselves and sometimes embarrassed at our own past. Beset with postmodern doubts, do we need to revive belief in the value and importance of our ideas? Or is the age of the West over?

Eminent Indian author and Nehru's Niece Nayantara Sahgal, Tony Blair's former Chief Speech Writer Philip Collins and Tory politician and author of Ghosts of Empire Kwasi Kwarteng dispute the world's future.

The Morality of War features Philip Collins, Lindsey German, Hew Strachan. Lindsey Hilsum hosts.

The Iraq war left us acutely aware of the dangers of intevening in foreign lands. Yet the outrages of Isis have demanded a response. Do we have a responsibility to protect Western values, or is the high ground held by staying out of it? Or is morality irrelevant in foreign affairs and our interest all that matters?

Former chief speechwriter to Tony Blair Phillip Collins and military historian Hew Strachan will clash over the prospect of peace with founder of the Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German.


The festival runs from May 26 - June. Click here for more information or to book tickets.



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