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War crimes and punishment

Geoffrey Robertson QC: Bring jihadis to justice

Julie Bindel on Britain's sharia courts

Maureen Lipman's speedy road to repentance

Tim Congdon: The young have never had it so bad

Autumn books and arts: Amis & McEwan

Napoleon & Stalin

Piero della Francesca

Paul Johnson/Inna Lazareva/Hugh Thomas/Jeffrey Meyers/Mara Delius/Alasdair Palmer/Douglas Murray/Lisa Hilton/Dominic Lawson/James Mumford/Agnieszka Kolakowska/Nick Cohen/Anne McElvoy/George Walden/Norman Lebrecht/Jeremy Jennings
David Herman/
Nigel Vinson/Dan Hitchens/Saba Farzan/David Womersley/Anna Aslanyan


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