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Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman: Invited to speak at Park View, one of the 'Trojan Horse' schools, he called on God to "destroy the enemies of Islam" and "prepare us for jihad"

"Phew, that's a relief," exclaimed the female teacher, slipping off her jacket and displaying two bare arms. It was hot and she and a colleague were enjoying a drink. "We daren't have our arms uncovered at school."

This was not the Saudi capital, Riyadh. It was Britain's second city, Birmingham, and the teachers were from one of the secular state schools targeted by religious hardliners in the so-called "Trojan Horse" plot which attempted to convert them into Islamic faith schools in all but name.

At another school, a male governor pointed disapprovingly to a young teacher wearing a short-sleeved dress. Turning to an older teacher, he demanded: "Can you ask her to cover her arms please?" "No," replied the teacher. "Why not?" asked the governor. "Because she's 25 and I'm 60." "Can't she wear a shawl, then?" "No! She's wearing standard Western dress." 

How was it possible that female teachers faced criticism merely for baring their arms in school? What explains the intolerance towards such a basic liberty? The right of a woman to be able to uncover her arms is not, admittedly, a right on a par with the right to free speech or a fair trial. But being free in a state-funded institution to dress in clothes which have not been given the seal of approval by highly conservative Muslims is nonetheless a valuable right, and one which most women in this country wish to preserve.

The incubator of that intolerance has been officially identified as the Park View Educational Trust, which runs three state schools and which tried to export its "Islamising blueprint" to several other schools in east Birmingham, where most of the city's 140,000 citizens of Pakistani heritage live.

In July, as 600 pupils streamed through the gates of Park View School to start their summer break, the acting principal bade them a confident farewell: "See you in September," said Monzoor "Mozz" Hussain. But he won't. Hussain is alleged to have been the administrator of a semi-secret group called the "Park View Brotherhood." He has been suspended and may face a professional misconduct hearing before the National College for Teaching and Leadership, an agency of the Department for Education (DfE).

Children returning this month to some schools affected byTrojan Horse will find they are being taught by a record number of supply teachers. At one secondary it's approaching 20 per cent. There's been an exodus of disheartened teachers. "The heart has gone out of the school," said a former teacher. "Nobody to lead it and nobody to love it." Yet more suspensions are forecast after the two latest official inquiries into the impact of Trojan Horse. 

These two inquiry reports cry out for a national debate for they mark a seminal moment in the challenge that faces this country: how exactly do we create a common life with fellow citizens who have shown a greater reluctance to assimilate than most other ethnic minorities, who already practise Britain's second largest religion, are projected to form 8 per cent of the population by 2030 and whose observant followers are becoming more socially and religiously conservative?

Unfortunately, the two reports were published as Parliament rose for the summer recess. Partly as a result, they've barely had a hearing but the evidence they present is explosive.

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Peter Gabrail
June 25th, 2016
5:06 PM
Torjan horse scandal in Riyadh schools The Torjan horse scandal involving Pakistani British Muslims to take over some Birmingham schools in England has spread to Riyadh Schools, in Riyadh. Dirty tricks that were used to oust non-Muslim staff are being replicated in Riyadh Schools and already several western teachers have been ousted as a result of their actions. Some of teachers linked to the Trojan horse scandal have failed to appear at the disciplinary panel held in England and living in Qatar or Saudi Arabia. It is feared that some of the teachers who have connections with the Torjan horse scandal are working in the oil rich states of the Middle East and these teachers are actually running the daily activities of Riyadh schools. Once in power they selected and recruited the most corrupted teachers for senior positions to have complete influence over them and hence, the rest of the staff, these senior Arab teachers and unqualified western staff work in HR and teaching staff (they are given new contracts which means they are ridiculously well paid and with light teaching load to be unprofessional and spy on the other staff members, but must bow to the Pakistani British leaders like god figures). One of the dirty tricks they regularly employee is to isolate the teachers who do not agree with any specific views they hold dear or unaware of the unprofessional deceitful environment that they are working under, but actually believe he/she is making a difference for the Saudi children. The British Pakistani teachers get other Arabs and unprofessional western teachers they put in strategic place to sit separately from professional teachers they deem them to be “contaminated”. These Pakistani British teachers create an atmosphere of division, they have already changed the ethos of the school in the last few years creating a culture of you are with us or you will be excluded. I am a very bubbly person and working under these Pakistani British teachers made me very nervous to a point I was frightened to hold a conversation. This is a very unpleasant working atmosphere. What is hard to digest is that if they performed one tenth of these deplorable actions in England they would be charged with unacceptable professional behavior and/or conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute, what saddens me further is the ring leaders have been trained in the most professional setup and are qualified teachers (on paper), which should mean they abide by the teaching code of practice. Witness, who have responsibility for signing off cheques at the school, became concerned about invoices and financial irregularities and the power these Pakistani British exert, but are frightened to make these invoices public in fear of their jobs. The Pakistani British teachers in Riyadh School have copied the structure of Park View Academy where Lindsey Clark is accused by the National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) of professional misconduct and including an “undue amount influence”, these Pakistani British teachers have the same amount of influence on deputy director general James Mulraney and general director abdulrhamn Alghofaili.

September 9th, 2014
4:09 PM
It`s easy to Google the absolute criticism of Islam that Winston Churchill(and Schopenhauer etc) made decades ago ! All of it conveniently ignored by Cameron,Milliband , the BBC `analysts` and todays pro-islam `Neville Chamberlains` of the Left and Right. Eventually everyone realised Churchill was right about the Nazis and their ideology. Julie Burchill and Douglas Murray are `updating` Churchill. Interestingly Zizek psychologically locates the Islamic State`s deranged sadism ( and its lies about everything in creation) in an actual inferiority complex. The culturally `sensitive` Nazis (with their denouncing of modern art and music as Degenerate Art) were bombed into oblivion and hell. The 60% female Caracal Battalion of the Israeli Army patrols the borders. There are at least ten female jet fighter pilots in the Israeli Air Force. Israel has the most advanced frontline feminists on the planet! In the physical edition Standpoint shows lots of very nice paintings(by men) of women at the Albemarle Gallery. Standpoint hasn`t got round to Sarah Lucas representing Britain in Venice next year. Nor to the questions,propositions and explicit pagan/capitalist business-art exhibitionism and philosophising of Blush at David Cameron`s only fan in the artworld is deluded Tracey Emin last seen at the GQ Awards as deranged Tony `Education,Education,Education` Blair accepted his Philanthropist of the Year Award. According to Suzanne Moore in the Guardian Ms Emin was enjoying being with all "the sexy men". Zizek`s book ` A Perverts Guide To Ideology` nowhere in sight!

September 9th, 2014
8:09 AM
Now you know how Hitler came to power. All those little "let's just overlook this" and "oh it can't be that bad can it?" attitudes of the politically correct, dare I say it "extreme pc ists" all contribute to overlooking the real AGENDA. (Not shouting just emphasizing). That is "the is islamization of the world." Here's a test folks, ask a Muslim, moderate, semi moderate, jihadist, extremist etc etc, whether they denounce Sharia Law? Their answer will be revealing. This is THE agenda. TO HAVE THE WHOLE WORLD SUBJUGATED TO ISLAM through SHARIA LAW!!! Now you can see how dangerous political correctness is with it's policy of appeasement. Oh and getting back to Hitler ever heard of a guy called Neville Chamberlain? I rest my case.

Gordon Hide
August 29th, 2014
2:08 PM
This wouldn't be such an unmitigated disaster if the cultural practices and outlook promoted by Islamists weren't responsible for so many of the most dysfunctional societies across the world.

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