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Englishmen of Letters
J.W.M. Thompson on becoming a journalist, Daniel Johnson on editors,Hugh Trevor-Roper on the intellectual life

Katharine Birbalsingh: Mr Gove's gaffe

David Abulafia: Don't demonise Gypsies

Ben Judah: Hunting the lynx in Siberia

John O'Sullivan/Celia Walden/Tim Congdon/James Mumford/Lionel Shriver/Daisy Waugh/Andrew Stuttaford/Myron Ebell/Jacob Willer/Anne McElvoy/Alan Brownjohn/Mark Ronan/Laura Freeman/David Womersley/Dominic Lawson/Harriet Maltby/Jonathan Neumann/Tom Gross/Mara Delius/George Weigel/Douglas Murray/Alasdair Palmer/Jay Nordlinger


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