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Georgian England

The prince will grow up in a new country still undsicovered by politicians, says Iain Martin

Back to the drawing board for Andrew Marr

Tim Congdon: Privatise the BBC — now

Toby Young: Tristram Hunt caught lying

Lionel Shriver: Grammar and genitals

Peter Whittle/Laura Freeman/Neil Scolding/Jessica Lambert/Jeremy Jennings/Daisy Waugh/David Womersley/David Pryce-Jones/Lesley Chamberlain/Matthew Scott/Daniel Scott/Danie Hitchens/Nick Redgrove/Daisy Dunn/Tom Gross/Nigel biggar/Angela Levin/Keith Windschuttle/Sarah Jonhson/Robin Harris/Mara Delius/Derwent May/Douglas Murray/Nick Cohen


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