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President Hamlet
Emanuele Ottolenghi 
and Daniel Johnson on indecision in the Obama White House

The Nick Cohen Guide to Dieting and Beauty 

Michael Gove on Disraeli — and Boris

Eliza Filby: Among China's Anglophiles

Ian Birrell on Baroness Ashton's idle empire

Ben Judah/Joseph Bottum/Lisa Hilton/Brendan Simms/Rachel Polonsky/John Marenbon/Patrick Heren/Matthew Hunter/Marina Gerner/Robert Wistrich/Daisy Dunn/Jamie Whyte/Anne McElvoy/Georgios Varouxakis/Daisy Waugh/C.P. Nield/James Mumford/Tim Congdon/Zareer Masani/Dominic Lawson/Norman Lebrecht/Simon Heffer/Nigel Vinson/Michael Scott


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