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September Issue Out Now
September 2013

'Please sir, I want to learn more'

Michael Gove defends his mission to rescue a younger generation starved of knowledge

David Goodhart: A 'liberal racist'? Me? 

Lionel Shriver: Give e-smokers a break

Andrew Roberts: Who can stop Hillary?

Nigel Biggar: World War I was just

Emanuele Ottolenghi/Walter Laqueur/Lesley Chamberlain/Terence Kealey/Laura Keynes/Adam Zeman/Oliver Davies/Jessica Lambert/Mara Delius/Anne McElvoy/Dominic Lawson/Zareer Masani/Julie Bindel/Harry Phibbs/Laura Freeman/Robert Mayhew/Nick Cohen/Daisy Waugh/Rebecca Alexander/Simon Heffer/Peter Whittle/Anna Halpine


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