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Who will wield her handbag now? 

Paul Johnson, Andrew Roberts, Douglas Murray and Daniel Johnson on Mrs Thatcher's legacy

Charles Moore celebrates the Letwin Salon

John Bolton: America's new isolationism

Mary Eberstadt: Faith depends on family

Ed West: The intolerence of diversity 

Daisy Waugh/Laura Freeman/Karen Horn/David Abulafia/Patrick Heren/John Constable/Lionel Shriver/Tim Congdon/Joseph Loconte/Mara Delius/Jeffrey Meyers/Violet Hudson/James Mumford/Joshua Rozenberg/Dominic Lawson/Anne McElvoy/Emanuele Ottolenghi/Simon Heffer/Jacob Willer/Christopher Fildes/C.P. Nield/Peter Whittle/Gerald Frost



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