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September Issue Out Now
September 2012

The Rape of Europa
David Abulafia on how the euro is ruining the Mediterranean
Iain Martin on Britain's choice

New Poetry: Ruth Padel, Blake Morrison, Anthony Thwaite

Andrew Gimson: The English gent, RIP

Anna Wintour — Empress with no clothes

Geza Vermes: My life amony the saints

R.W. Johnson/Francesca Segal/Andrew Roberts/Susan Hertog/Simon Heffer/Barry Martin/Eric Ormsby/Lionel Shriver/John Stein/Anne McElvoy/Robert Skidelsky/Karen Horn/Theodore Dalrymple/Daisy Waugh/Peter Whittle/Dominic Lawson/David Womersley/Tim Congdon/Mara Delius/Emanuele Ottolenghi/Norman Lebrecht/Joshua Rozenberg


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