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In defence of marriage

Bishop Nazir-Ali and John Haldane make the case for matrimony as the heart and soul of the family

George Weigel: Obama's threat to religious liberty

Iain Martin: Scrap your old script, Dave

Melanie Phillips: A new age of intolerance

Mara Delius: Betrayed by Günter Grass

Michael Pinto-Duschinsky/Andrew Roberts/Karen Horn/Roger Scruton/David Womersley/Tibor Fischer/Lionel Shriver/Anne McElvoy/Douglas Murray/Daisy Waugh/David Gentleman/Con Coughlin/Tim Congdon/Simon Heffer/Peter Whittle/Derwent May/Katharine Birbalsingh/Ruth Dudley Edwards/Nick Cohen/Norman Lebrecht/John Ware


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