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Party Lines
January/February 2012

It’s a scandal, really. Isn’t it? I do feel for them.


Don’t you?


They’ll never be able to buy their own house or anything.

Mind you—it’s hardly surprising. Really. I know we’re not supposed to say…But...Would you employ a young British kid? If you could possibly help it?

Well—I did. As a sort of sub-nanny “Mother’s Help”. Briefly.

You see? “Briefly”! She was hopeless, wasn’t she? I bet.

…She was a bit.

Did she take “duvet days”?


Of course she did! These kids simply don’t understand the meaning of the words “hard work”.

Actually — poor little mite — she left because she was missing her boyfriend.

Well then! You see? I  rest my case! These kids can’t read. They can’t write. They don’t want to learn. They roam around the streets, rioting — or “missing their boyfriends”. It’s hopeless! They think the world owes them a living.

But you can’t really blame the kids…

Meanwhile — it’s us, isn’t it? — the “Squeezed Middle” — who go to the trouble and expense of actually trying to educate our children—teaching them about the value of hard work... And all that...We’re left footing the bill.

Ooh. Steady on! I don’t think that’s quite fair. Is it?

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