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May 2011
The Mosque Militant: Resurgent Islam is steamrollering other faiths, warns Michael Nazir-Ali
Poetry Special: New poems from Alan Brownjohn, Anthony Thwaite, Sarah Skwire, Margot Lurie, C.P. Nield, Tracey S. Rosenberg and Len Krisak and David Womersley recalls Shelley's prophetic lines on the Arab Spring

Miriam Gross: Dartington schooldays

Jewish American dreams and realities

Justin Marozzi: Libya after Gaddafi
Ruth R. Wisse/Jack Wertheimer/Kenneth Minogue/ William Shawcross/Allan Massie/Norman Lebrecht/Dominic Lawson/ Daisy Waugh/Piers Paul Read/David Pryce-JonesEdmund de Waal/Eric Ormsby/Tibor Fischer/Adam Zeman/Anne McElvoy/Alan Bekhor  

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