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Friday 12th November 2010
Al-Muhajiroun Rally


Yesterday, I went along to the rally against British troops in Kensington organised by Muslims Against Crusades, a splinter group of al-Muhajiroun.

Three members of the group were arrested, one for assaulting a police officer, and two for disorderly behaviour. I happened to catch them just before they were loaded into the wagon, here they are:

(quality not all that great, sorry, I'm not so brill with the camera)

Among those who were marching, I recognised five who were members of the now banned al-Muhajiroun.

Here are some more pictures I took:

This genius led the chants, and by the looks of the picture, he needed a crib sheet to remind him of the two very basic slogans he was tasked with shouting. These were 'British soldiers - terrorists', and 'British soldiers - go to hell'.


This one is a bit blurry - the sign reads 'our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell!'.  Presumably, what he means by 'our dead' are the Taliban and other jihadists.



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November 14th, 2010
3:11 PM
Leaving aside the violence, we must be bonkers to allow this sort of messaging in public. Protest the political decision to engage in conflicts oversees by all means ,but to demonstrate in this fashion against the troops ?

November 12th, 2010
8:11 PM
This is an absolute disgrace. I know we live in a democracy but why does the government not show any loyalty to our soldiers and come down on these reprobates like a ton of bricks? How the mad mullahs of Tehran and co must enjoy seeing all this, it is very sinister. Similar to the attack on Tory head quarters in London by students, one a supposed law graduate was actually brandishing a stolen cricket bat, what is this country coming to? I am fifty and I fear for my children and grand-children. I am a mature student and I certainly could not afford economically or in terms of required attendance and reading to go down and protest. But even more pertinent in viewing these protests one can see an alraming cohesion and rise of leftist, socialist, anti-war, and pro Palestinian groups which are extremely anarchist, totalitarian and in ideology appear to be hiers to the 3rd reich. Of course then the criminals shouted the loudest, influenced public opinion by forcing thier ideology without debate, the results war and a holocaust. I enjoy your magazine because it is intelligent, does not bow to lefty opinion and tackles issues ignored largely by the main stream media who are culpable in the presentation of Islamic victimhpood at the hands of the nasty imperial West.

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