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September Issue Out Now
Thursday 27th August 2009


A deadly veil of silence: Clive James and Nick Cohen denounce the apologists for murder and misogyny

George Weidenfield, Jonathan Sacks: The Jewish Century

Lionel Shriver: Michael Jackson's hyper-narrative

Bryan Ward-Perkins: Rome's decline and fall guys

Back to School Issue: Susan Hill and John Stein: stretch our children's minds

Shmuel Bar / R.W. Johnson / Ingo Schulze / Jonathan Bate / Daisy Waugh / Allan Massie / John McEwan / Conrad Black / Peter Stanford / Dominic Lawson / Ellen Alpsten / Tim Congdon / Roger Kimball / Robert Messenger / Caroline Moore

October 9th, 2009
9:10 PM
I applaud Nick Cohen and Clive James for voicing their support for human rights for women around the world. Men and organisations of power, need to see that it is in the interest of humanity to prioritise, promote and procure human rights for women. If humanity is going to survive, men and women must start to see that these cultures and religions lack justice for women and children. Improvements in human rights is not achieved by a section of society but it is achieved by masses of people. A 'strong feminist movement' alone is only a start but more components of society need to be activated to achieve progress. How can change be progressed when it is vocal women who are the only voices? How can men, politics, media, and other organisations band together to make progress?

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