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Thought I should give you a quick call. Just to say — hope you're bearing up.

You're sweet. I must say — telephone's been awfully quiet. Times like this you certainly learn who your friends are...

How are you feeling? How's Robert?

Chastened. Eating lots of humble pie.

Yes, I suppose.

He's sent out a letter of apology to the constituents. The kids and I were hand delivering them over the weekend.

That's nice.

It's the least we can do. God knows...

The trouble is, I suppose, when everyone's doing it...You can sort of forget — how it might look to the outside world.

The kids are getting teased at school.

God. It's not their fault!

People simply don't understand.

Of course not.

What kills me — what kills Robert — I mean we're all in this together — is the damage it's doing to the country...To our democratic system. To everything we all value so much...

Yes. It's —

Meanwhile, soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan. Or Iraq. You know. Serious things are happening. But — trust the press — if it's trivial, they'll be on to it —

I don't think it's completely trivial.

It's a witchhunt, really...Can't get at Jade Goody any more. Might as well get the MPs.

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