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July/August 2018

The President was elected to give a voice to ordinary Americans, but his challenge to the Washington establishment faces fierce resistance
Three separate questions compose the topic of US foreign policy under Donald Trump: what the policy has been since he took office, what parts of that are due to Trump’s decisions, and what may be those decisions’ root. I will examine these components with regard to each aspect of US policy, rather than in any chronological order of events.
The ECB chairman quits next year after an impressive eight-year term. But as money growth slows to a halt, troubled times lie ahead 
The current obsession with inequality masks the fact that wealthy but unequal societies are highly resilient. A new rhetoric is required
Since Prince Harry revealed his near-breakdown, mental health has been a hot political issue. But fears about its spread may be groundless
Around the world, public institutions are being pressured by activists to divest themselves of their fossil fuel holdings. They should resist