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March 2018

American politics is all about distinguishing the Person, the Policymaker and the President. Is Trump illegitimate or is the US on the right track?
PPP. That’s what you need to keep in mind if you are to understand American politics: Trump the Person; Trump the Policymaker; Trump the President. But first the background against which the current political drama is being played out here in America. Understand this, and the three Ps, and you might even be able to do what is clearly in Britain’s interest: invite the President of the United States to a Britain that now needs all the friends it can get, and receive him with civility if not enthusiasm.
As the US confronts Russia and China, Europe is divided and Nato’s future uncertain. Britain must look for a new role after Brexit
The latest doom-laden post-Brexit forecasts by the Treasury lack all credibility and confirm its unfitness to advise on such a critical issue
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates controlled their children’s access to iPads and smartphones. All parents should be following their example
Western progressives claim that religion is irrational and are engaged in trying to destroy it. But nothing could be further from the truth.