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December 2017 / January 2018

The New Nationalism in the US and Europe is not mere nostalgia. It is a renewal of purpose, offering hope, but it must be anchored in the Bible
In 1890, the nearly-defeated Native Americans of the northern plains embraced a religious movement commonly translated as “Ghost Dance”, which promised to unify the Indian peoples and drive out European settlers. After the disastrous battle at Wounded Knee in December of that year the movement collapsed and Indian resistance to settlement faded into insignificance. It is tempting to dismiss the New Nationalism as a sort of Ghost Dance in which enervated and encircled traditionalists offer a final hopeless last stand against the inevitable encroachment of the globalised economy and postmodern culture.
Westminster is scandalised by sexual harassment that would once have been treated as a joke. But does the nation take it quite so seriously?
We need to restate the case for  the free-market policies and liberal politics that have ushered in an age of unprecedented prosperity
Since the Arab Spring, authoritarian regimes are on the march. To discourage democrats is bad for the West as well as for their peoples
Unnerved by the US President, America’s friends are loosening their ties with Washington, leaving a vacuum for Russia and China to fill
When the greatest living Irishman came to lecture in Cape Town, he had to defend free speech against the anti-apartheid boycott
When my article, ‘The Case for Colonialism’, appeared in an academic journal, a Maoist campaign to ostracise its editor and me erupted
By making fun of pure evil, Armando Iannucci’s film has polarised opinion in Britain. But it deserves to be seen­ — especially in Russia