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November 2016

The central challenge of our times is to build an alliance of thinkers and activists to overcome the ideas behind the global terrorist threat
In the 19th century conflicts were wars between rival states. In the 20th century conflicts between states were driven by rival ideologies. Now, in this century, we are all, in every nation, being drawn into a conflict in which one ideology seeks to abolish states as we have long understood them, liberties as we have long enjoyed them and the idea of the individual on which our civilisation depends.
The Prevent anti-extremism programme is threatened by Islamists, Salafists and the Left. Too few Muslims are standing up for it
With hindsight, it is easy for MPs to fault the West’s intervention. But overthrowing Gaddafi was the right thing to do at the time
The former Australian prime minister says the UK is right to quit the statist EU for the Anglosphere, which still leads the free world
Brexit is already causing the biggest shakeup of British politics for a generation. But the biggest loser may prove to have the last laugh
The new Prime Minister has much more in common with the Iron Lady than is generally believed — and may have to fight similar battles