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March 2019

The Me Too movement has made relationships with women fraught for men. Just how can you be a decent chap these days?
Some months ago, I was working out at the gym and noticed that my trainer — let’s call him Tom — was more than slightly distracted. As I grunted my way through various undignified movements, Tom’s eyes were glued to his phone. Eventually I gave up on the dumb-bells and asked him what was the matter. The distraction turned out not to be a family emergency or a really unbeatable offer on reclaiming mis-sold PPI, but a lady from Essex who was doing some fairly extraordinary things in her bedroom whilst her children were eating their cereal next door. She and Tom had been chatting the previous evening on a dating app and the lady was live-streaming her antics to Tom’s phone for his real-time gratification. Leaving aside my astonishment that anyone would have the organisational skills for that sort of thing before the school run, I was also pretty surprised that she and Tom had never met in real life (IRL as the young kids say). As far as she knew, he was a random stranger, a collection of typed words in messages, and yet she not only trusted him with these extremely intimate images, but was doing so entirely on her own initiative. I asked Tom how he felt about this.
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