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December 2018 / January 2019

People will die for their country but not for a supranational federation, despite President Macron’s hubristic vision of a united Europe
I love Europe in spite of the European Union. I love Europe because, as Charles de Gaulle declared, it is a Europe of nations. I love Europe because it comprises some 50 countries, just over half of them members of the EU, each one a unique, irreplaceable microcosm of mankind. I love Europe because it abhors the uniformity of tyranny and the tyranny of uniformity. I love Europe because no region on Earth is more resistant to rule from above. I love Europe because I despise those who wish to abolish its distinctive diversity and turn it into a feeble imitation of the United States.
As the controversial prosecution of British soldiers shows, Northern Ireland’s past still has the potential to scupper peace and prosperity
Ever since John Kerry declared the Monroe Doctrine era over in Latin America, Beijing has been building influence in the region
Michael Ignatieff and the Central European University would not be obliged to move from Budapest to Vienna if they had kept out of politics
In 2022 Labour came to power. From a 2028 issue of Samizdat, we learn what happened under the party’s revolutionary leadership
The town immortalised by Roman Vishniac’s images where I was an infant was, for many, prosperous and contented before the Shoah
The structures where we spend most of our time affect every aspect of our lives. But too little is being done to make them healthier for all
Francis Thompson’s strange and ephemeral life gave rise to poetry which, though long out of fashion, captures the nostalgia of cricket