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April 2019

Many IS supporters want to return to the UK, sparking controversy. There may be lessons in our wartime treatment of British fascists
Over the past 20 years, the democracies of Western Europe have faced a major dilemma. Amid the constant threat of terrorist action by individuals or groups who have infiltrated our society, to what extent would we be justified in suspending or adapting some of the normal judicial safeguards which protect the freedom of the individual? To what extent is preventive detention a possibility? Before detaining someone, should one need to prove in the courts that that person is already guilty of a crime, as opposed to relying on secret service reports as to that person’s potentiality for committing a terrorist outrage?
Four key post-referendum mistakes by the Prime Minister resulted in the shambolic climax to her strategy for the UK leaving the EU
A maths professor who wrote a paper on male-female variation found himself censored and shunned by the academic establishment
It was all looking so good for France’s young President Macron. But his political base was too shallow to withstand a series of serious gaffes
A disorderly Brexit could be the last straw for a valuable agricultural sector, already under attack from Green activists and government
The true casualty figures are still hotly disputed 100 years after the Punjab massacre, but its real legacy was the slow death of the Raj
Some of the world’s worst dictators, including Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler, loved great literature. But it did nothing to improve their minds
There’s no sign anyone in Britain is desperate to eat spaniel — the proposed ban is frivolous and does nothing for animal welfare