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I will soon take up my seat as the newest and youngest Member of Parliament. As I was elected in July, during Parliamentary Recess, the House's arcane procedures might still be something of a mystery to me until the first sitting day in October when I can be sworn in. 

I don't believe that politics should be arcane and obscure. Our political system has long had a difficult reputation among large swathes of the population. It can be seen as an elite club run by too many people who look the same, closed off to those who don't fit the mould. 

Parliament has a responsibility to change and I know that I — as the first MP to take up a seat in the House since the expenses scandal broke — have a bigger responsibility than most to show that it has changed. 

I'm the latest in a long line of women who have been elected to Parliament, and there have been younger MPs than me in the past. I'm also just one of many people that want to change the country. But I do hope that people look at me — a young woman about to take her place on the green benches — and think, "I can do that, too." 

However, it will never be enough simply to look different to other politicians. I certainly won't be the baby of the House forever. And being female is hardly a qualification for office.

It will never be enough just to talk about doing things differently — I and others in politics must put that talk into action.

On the doorstep, in my experience as a candidate both before and during the by-election, people are turned off politics because it feels as though you don't get what you pay for. Why bother paying?

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October 1st, 2009
9:10 PM
Now we know what a Conservative government will be all about. A parliament of morons if young Chloe is anything to go by.

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