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The response to Spielman’s comments that she would like to inquire into the rapid expansion of the hijab for small girls was a spasm of venomous hate mail, including a “we-know-where-you live” and “can-get-you-any-time” threats mainly, she says, from “Islamic extremists and the hard Left”.

Worse was dished out to Neena Lall, the head teacher of St Stephen’s primary school in East London, when she dared to ban the hijab for 4-7-year-olds — again, out of concern for the welfare of the children under her care. The youngest girls tended to fiddle with their hijabs which affected their concentration in class. Lall was also concerned their scarves were working loose and might get caught around their necks while using playground equipment. She also worried about the impact on the children of fasting during Ramadan. Up to 19 hours without food had left some feeling faint and unable to concentrate. So parents were asked to feed their children before sending them to school.

Here’s a flavour of the response to Lall’s decision: “Having been exposed as an Islamophobe culturally ignorant, prejuidiced [sic] against Muslims, can you please confirm when you will resign from your post.”

Here’s another: “You are disgusting Islamophobic Nazi-like thinker (though a slave to racism doesn’t think) . . . the demand is simple, REMOVE THE BAN FROM THE GIRLS YOU PAEDOPHILLIAC PERSON . . . may you never be happy . . . how many shoes did you lick to be where you are today?”

And this: “Have you got as problem with Muslims? I think you are in the wrong job you coward. Stupid cow!”. This email was headlined “You Horrible VILE rat.”
British Muslims have now had almost a generation of being told by a myriad of activist organisations claiming to represent them that almost any restriction or even implied criticism of Islam is motivated by an irrational fear and even hatred of Islam, otherwise known as Islamophobia.

Hatred of Islam is indeed irrational, but apprehension about the long-term impact of a large and expanding politicised faith that seems intent on integrating on its own terms seems entirely logical. A culture war is far more dangerous to the cohesive health of this country than occasional attempts at mass murder, although not of course for those killed or injured. And the problem is that it is becoming almost impossible to reconcile our differences in civilised public debate.
Typical of the reaction to those like me who have scrutinised the more regressive versions of Islam since 9/11 is to play the man and not the ball. The latest bout (“rabid Islamophobe”, “piece of Islamophobic shit”, “sinister”, “white supremacist”, “racist”, “witchfinder general”, etc) followed my recent investigation for Channel 4 into the organisation claiming much of the credit for leading the campaigns against Neena Lall and Amanda Spielman.

That organisation is called Mend (Muslim Engagement and Development), which claims to be Britain’s most active and successful grassroots Muslim organisation.
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October 26th, 2018
1:10 PM
With Nick Clegg getting his perfect job at 2FacedBook and Sinead O`Connor converting to Islam it`s got to be The Sound of Brexit - the Musical ! next. Another great Irish innovation is the Bono plan to replace the Eurozone with the Bonozone. This will sort the Irish border too. Shouldn`t Standpoint have a pic of Ringo on the front cover?

October 19th, 2018
6:10 PM
Radical gobshite Choudray is released from prison as 20 `Pakistani heritage`/muslim rapists are banged up in Huddersfield. The most disgusting places and people in England are now revealed. And with more to come. If Theresa May states Brexit means Money (for more police etc) then delivers it then...or is this just wishful thinking? Long term it could mean Anne Marie Waters as PM.

August 10th, 2018
5:08 PM
Surely Theresa May should now be apologising to Boris Johnson and there should be more not less `islamophobia`/truth telling in the Tory Party. And what is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth reading today? See the photo at Anne Marie Waters Twitter. A great cover pic for Standpoint?

August 1st, 2018
10:08 PM
Tommy Robinson comes out of jail and tells the BBC reporter he`s saying nothing to the lying media. He`ll speak to the public himself. The BBC still describe him as right-wing.The only political party to welcome him is ForBritain. ForBritain advocates the abolition of the BBC licence fee. Nick Cohen and Owen Jones are perfect examples of the most convinced imbeciles of the age. To speak the truth in public you need bodyguards. Robinson and Waters are two of the most intelligent and articulate brits now speaking. They`re white so they must be Nazis and infidels. Labour and the Tories actually saved and imported the jihadist scum who bombed and slaughtered the kids at Manchester Arena. That`s Corbyn and May not protecting the nation at all. They welcome in the murderers and rapists. It`s a price worth paying for the diversity and multicultural richness soaked in our children`s blood. Labour talks with a corpse in it`s mouth.

July 28th, 2018
10:07 PM
What the Labour,Tory,LibDem,BBC etc totally underestimate or are afraid to mention, is how many brits are ready to vote for an anti-islam,democratic,intelligent,pro-Brexir,pro truth party with Anne Marie Waters leading it. It`s growing by the week. Islamisation is disgusting and most brits want it gone. Many EU countries are heading the same way. It`s not anti-immigration it`s specifically anti-sharia and anti-islam. The `integration` of Satan into the Holy Trinity is not going to happen.

July 14th, 2018
3:07 PM
I would like to apologize if my comment on 12/07/18 caused any offense to Muslims. On reflection, I think that my comments were a bit harsh although I still hold the view that Muslims do make it hard for themselves to integrate into British society even by the clothes that they wear. Logic suggests to me that if Allah is one god and faith in him is fundamental then why should gowns and veils suddenly become an integral part of worship? Also, the rapid growth in crimes being committed by Muslims of all ages and genders suggests to me that the Muslim community is becoming ever more divided and there will come a point where being a British Muslim will be something to ashamed of rather than proud.

July 12th, 2018
10:07 AM
I really believe that Muslims are their own worst enemies because of the fact that they complain about (for want of a better phrase) ''being left out'' by wider society but the fact is their form of religion and even their style of clothing creates a barrier between themselves and wider society. Muslim's form of clothing effectively says to non-muslim society, ''we are religiously pious'' and we want to stand out from the rest. When you take into account the anti-social acts being carried out by Muslim extremists, alongside the ones who walk around all day dressed in headscarves and gowns it becomes clear that these people are not only misguided but they are also divided among themselves and this has created a situation in which the gown-wearing Muslims attempt to convince the wider society that we are genuine but the Muslim terrorists are not. I personally believe that it is too late to even try to build bridges because the fact is the damage is done and I believe that a growing number of people are fed up with these Muslims coming to our country and causing problems while putting on a poor show of religious piety.

June 22nd, 2018
10:06 PM
Anonymous believes Tommy Robinson is in jail for contempt of court. At least the BBC gives us 5 meanings to the graffiti on the back of Melania`s jacket! Anonymous can read some truth about the attempt to silence Robinson in Douglas Murray`s book The Strange Death of Europe. In Russia they threw Pussy Riot in jail. The only feminist to speak in solidarity with Robinson is Anne Marie Waters. Theresa May is too busy doing a grovelling curtsy to Royalty on tour. She prefers listening to people with nothing to say. How cheaply decadent can you get ? She tells us there`s a Brexit dividend for the NHS. But absolutely nothing about a dividend for council house building. Where are all our muslims with several wives (registered as single mothers) going to live ?

June 22nd, 2018
5:06 PM
Can you get more culturally disgusting than Shane Allen who runs BBC comedy output? He describes Monty Python as `six Oxbridge white blokes` and John Cleese (twitter) has started kicking him up the arse (metaphorically). Allen cites the disgusting `diversity` argument.. Surely the Muslim Council of Not Great Britain can make a case here too. Like Allen they have no sense of humour either. The `islamisation` of the BBC is well underway. And the BBC is using taxpayers money to fund it! How very `Muslim Brotherhood` of them. There`s no civilisation/free speech where there`s no sense of humour. Islam has no sense of humour and cannot appreciate anyone who has one. Halal Capone Inshallah,innit. Islam thinks it has the equivalent of the `divine right of kings`. Type in `contradictions in the koran` and see what superior intelligence our AI reveals. The hyperobject that is the internet is the ninth wonder of the world.

June 21st, 2018
4:06 PM
ForBritain is my new favourite political party. Anne Marie Waters is in Norwich on 21 July. The fascist `anti-fascists` who protested outside her public meetings are increasing her support. ForBritain is getting my vote. And it`s 100% pro-Brexit. Islam has no intention to integrate. Quite the reverse. Fortunately Brexit has made a politics of truth and intelligence possible. Anne Marie Waters deserves a statue next to Churchill and another one next to the new feminist one.

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