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Two figures feature with particular prominence in this peculiar nether world: the right-wing radio host Michael Savage — who is credited with having developed the Trump programme in the first place — and the author David Horowitz. Savage — the author of such epics as Stop the Coming Civil War and Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama — was banned from entering the UK for his perceived Islamophobia by Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in 2009, a ban that was confirmed by the incoming Conservative-led government in 2010. His latest book is Trump’s War: His Battle for America. Horowitz, once a man of the New Left, is now treated as the major prophet of the Trump revolution and his book, Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, is pushed as a virtual revelation of the future. Horowitz forecast that the Democrats would try to subvert a Trump administration and is now loud in his declarations that this is happening:

Under the guise of “resistance” — as though Trump was the head of an occupying army rather than an elected president — they have set out to destroy his administration. They are not “sore losers” as many had surmised when their hysterical attacks on Trump as an American Hitler began. They are an army of saboteurs bent on destroying the government the voters preferred. Their general, Barack Obama, is an unrepentant radical who abused the office of the presidency when he was in power, and as ex-president is now leading a war to overthrow his successor.

Horowitz’s book is advertised, moreover, with the claim that “It’s time to beat the Democrats once and for all”. This sort of talk — of destroying the opposition party, perhaps even installing one-party rule — is quite new in American politics. Obama’s gentlemanly help for Trump during the transition is forgotten. Indeed, Horowitz leads off with the headline “Trump in TOTAL WAR with Media, Democrats” and tells us (April 3) that “The war against President Donald J. Trump is burning white hot” and “The saboteurs have managed to drive our president’s approval numbers down to 35 per cent”. Hillary is described as “the wicked witch” and there are occasional “revelations’ of how she intended to cheat her way to power.

As one might expect, there is a great deal more war talk in Big Agenda, although the book looks as if might easily have been written in a week and certainly not more than two. Its 162 pages of text are about everything: the “progressive” movement, Obama, the environment, the “myth of systemic racism”, the Islamic threat, the Democrats’ “wars on men and women”, leftist indoctrination in schools and universities, the evils of public-sector unions, healthcare, sanctuary cities and much more besides. Relentlessly pushed by the right-wing media, the book has been a number one bestseller both on Amazon and the New York Times list. As you read it you feel, yes, there is plenty to criticise about politically correct liberal America, but does the critique have to be so trashy?

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Mark Falcoff
June 5th, 2017
7:06 PM
Mr. Johnson is not quite right about those "black" congressional districts in the South. No doubt Republicans have benefited from their existence, but they were created under orders from the courts to provide what was considered more adequate representation for black communities in the US Congress. Since in most Southern states blacks are in a distinct minority (the only exception being Mississippi, and formerly Louisiana before the hurricane/flood) under normal circumstances they would remain a minority in any congressional district where the lines were drawn by natural geography. (This would surely be the case, for example, if we went over to the list system in use in Germany and many other countries.) By the way, I wonder if Mr. Johnson has spent much time in the American South. As a Yankee born and bred, I can assure him that relations in many places there between the races are more fluid and cordial than in the cities of the North. My experience in the US Army also taught me that Southern blacks and whites have much the same sense of humor. This doesn't of course resolve all the outstanding issues of inequality and lack of opportunity (but also for many poor white Southerners, which is why I met so many of them in the military) but needs to be taken into account before positing such dramatic scenarios as he has.

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