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Doing her bit for integration: The Queen visits a mosque in Scunthorpe as part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002 (©John Giles/PA Archive/PA Images)

On the evening of the recent attacks on Paris, I was walking back to my college through the centre of Oxford when I ran into a friend. He asked me whether I knew about the events unfolding in France and as he explained, I felt a combination of profound sadness and frustration that every moderate Muslim will recognise — precisely the same sadness I felt ten years ago when London, my hometown, came under attack.

In the intervening decade, very little has changed in terms of Britain’s response to home-grown terror; our strategy for stamping out extremism is just as clumsy and impotent now as it was in 2005. Indeed, the national response to these atrocities has grown so formulaic that it is possible to predict, with pinpoint accuracy, the sequence of events in the aftermath of any terrorist attack.

First come the unilateral calls for peaceful Muslims to condemn the perpetrators. In the days following the Paris attacks the Sun declared that Muslims “have done too little in public to express solidarity with the victims in Paris and the civilised, tolerant democracies in which they live” and “must turn all those who promote or support the genocidal cult into the pariahs they deserve to be”. I must admit, I have struggled in recent weeks to fit the recommended three hours of daily “terror condemnation” into my schedule alongside completing my PhD, managing to do my laundry with any degree of regularity, and ordering ill-advised late-night takeaways with my flatmates. Similarly, my mother, a secondary school teacher, just can’t seem to find the time to denounce global terror in between marking GCSE mock exams and preparing lesson plans. What horrendous role models we are for British Muslims in our failure to actively condemn terrorism with every breath. How intellectually lazy of me to assume actions are more valuable than words and that being productive, pleasant and engaged members of society is the best way for Muslims to demonstrate their loyalty to Britain.

You will, I hope, forgive my sarcasm, but the popular notion that moderate Muslims must do more to denounce terror is deeply flawed in that it rests on two sizeable fallacies.

The first is that British-born extremists are ideologically driven and would be willing to engage in arguments along the lines of “the Koran forbids killing” or “the Koran refers to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike as People of the Book”. The fact that Mohammad Ahmed and Yusuf Sarwar, a pair of embryonic Birmingham-raised terrorists, were apprehended en route to Syria last year carrying copies of Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies disproves this quite beautifully. In the fight against home-grown terror, we are not dealing with criminal masterminds but a collection of slack-jawed young men whose ability to engage in weighty theological debates extends about as far as Grant Shapps’s prospects of returning to ministerial office.

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January 28th, 2016
2:01 PM
"The key to preventing further attacks does not lie in grappling with ideology, but in increasing integration." ________________________ Islamic ideology is the central reason Muslims can't or won't integrate. Islam and its cultural proclivities are completely antithetical to Britain and Europe. The inability to confront this is what is causing the problems and is storing up significant conflict for the future. So-called moderate Muslims seem to exhibit the same inability extremists do in lacking introspection into the flaws of Islamic ideology. Muslims cannot be integrated into our society because they don't want to be integrate they want to establish Islam and proliferate Islam within our country. Muslims want to Islamise Britain as their Islamic doctrine tells them they must do.

January 15th, 2016
4:01 PM
The philosopher Alain Badiou makes it clear that what the media call "radicalisation" of Muslims is Fascisation pure and simple. The mass sex attacks in Cologne etc are islamo- terrorist acts of war too. To the islamofascists all women are sex slaves to be abused or killed. Islamic State are a sharia mafia. The Kurdish Army has 30,000 troops (men and women) on the ground battling against them. Where is the Tory support? Nowhere. Where are the equivalent to the Kurdish Womens Protection Units in the UK police ? Certainly not in Rotherham.

Julio did you even read the article?
December 29th, 2015
12:12 AM
'The reason I distrust 'moderate' muslims is that they are in the best position to notice one of their number being manipulated into terrorism, yet they seem to shrug off that responsibility as if it were nothing to do with them' said the guy commenting on an article by a moderate Muslim proposing ways in which to take institutional responsibility. As for the problem not being with the English/British, that doesn't mean they can't aid the solution, especially given the fact that Muslims make up 4.5% of the entire population soooooo it would probably be a lot more effective if the other 95.5% got involved/it was a structural change? Just a thought.

December 23rd, 2015
3:12 PM
The BBC are making Civilisation 2. Standpoint should have something to say on the what`s to be in it.

December 22nd, 2015
11:12 PM
The French were much more insistent on their muslim population being integrated. Fat lot of good it did them. The reason I distrust 'moderate' muslims is that they are in the best position to notice one of their number being manipulated into terrorism, yet they seem to shrug off that responsibility as if it were nothing to do with them. The problem is with islam, not the English or British.

December 19th, 2015
6:12 PM
Femen`s proposition is to ban islam from secular,democratic society.Just like nazi ideology is banned. No country needs Islam.Julie Bindel`s article could easily have shown more of Femen`s propositions. The physical edition of Standpoint has a painting of a woman showing her pussy so a few Femen nipples can`t be the problem. At White Cube Gallery the artist duo Gilbert & George are showing `Burn That Book` and `Ban Religion`. G&G are fans of Dave and George at 10 Downing St. Is there a visceral,instinctive hatred of Islam in Donald Trump supporters ? Is it right? Yes it is. And they have the right to carry guns. No country`s as good as Uruguay. Why ?

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