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Under the first Corbyn government several bourgeois newspapers were banned; others went bankrupt because of their inability to raise advertisement revenue. The Times was nationalised, and only a small percentage of its journalists were retained. A new mass circulation daily, Liberty, appeared. In the years after 2022 a number of new weeklies and monthlies were founded which provided ideological support to the government.

Culture flourished. Any day of the week one could see a Shakespeare play, not only in London but in every city, large and small. Theatre prices were brought down after nationalisation to make the theatres available for the masses. The film industry obtained large grants to produce the right kind of films. A Minister of Moving Pictures was appointed. Some of the neglected literary greats were rediscovered, such as Gerhart Hauptmann’s The Weavers, based on the 1844 rising of the Silesian weavers (also subject of a poem by Heinrich Heine). The play showed the degrading effects of the Industrial Revolution upon working men. The American novelist Upton Sinclair was revived from obscurity, Jack London’s The Iron Heel was republished, the poetry of Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet suddenly became popular. Leaders of peasant revolts, like Wat Tyler, Gyorgy Dozsa and Florian Geyer were celebrated. The Lollards were reassessed as early socialists. The Battle of Peterloo was made a subject to be discussed every year by schoolchildren, starting at the age of seven.
The Samizdat article I saw summarised the events up to the aborted spring election in 2028. Unfortunately, I had problems with my crystal ball as well. It suddenly became foggy. I was unable to find out whether there was another election in the 2030s, but a temporary lifting of the fog allowed me to obtain a glimpse of an article in Liberty, reporting a grand demonstration demanding the death penalty for economic crimes against humanity.  

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