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Thabo Mbeki: His government did much to incite the international anti-Israel campaign (photo: World Economic Forum)

The President of the Student Representative Council at Wits University, Johannesburg, Mcebo Dlamini, recently declared that he “loves Adolf Hitler”. After all, he said, there are some white people who still admire Cecil Rhodes today so why should he not admire Hitler? “Hitler was a great leader even if he had faults. I love him for his charisma, his strong leadership, his organising ability. Whites are making out that the Jewish Holocaust was worse than the black holocaust in South Africa, which shows that every white has an element of Hitler in him. But Hitler was no worse than other great villains of history such as Napoleon, Tony Blair and George W. Bush.”

Simultaneously, the SRC President at the Durban University of Technology, Mqondisi Duma, demanded the expulsion from the university of all Jews who do not publicly declare their loyalty to the Palestinian cause. Duma doubtless knew that although many Jews are willing to criticise the Netanyahu government, only a rather freakish fringe are willing to side publicly against their confreres in Israel so that in effect he was demanding that the campus be cleared of nine Jews out of every ten.

Yet not many years ago Nelson Mandela happily accepted an honorary doctorate from Ben Gurion University at Beersheva and dwelt admiringly on the fact that BGU is a world leader in combating desertification, in water purification and in assisting agriculture in harsh conditions — and that it was making all this expertise available to South Africa. Moreover, Mandela never tired of praising South African Jews for having sided against apartheid and provided so many members of the Progressive, Liberal and Communist parties. Yet Israel now lists South Africa as a country where the Jewish community is under major threat and strongly recommends that the entire community here leave for Israel as soon as possible. So how has it come to this?

The short answer is that 40 per cent unemployment and the evident failure of the ANC government has engendered a bitter, indeed toxic mood among militant black youth. They are looking round for targets. First there was the Rhodes Must Fall campaign. Then the streets erupted into murderous xenophobia against immigrant workers. Now a new target is needed. Historically, it has never been long before people in such a mood alight upon the Jews.

But there is a longer answer too. Thabo Mbeki, who became president in 1999, suffered badly from paranoia and a grandiosity complex. He wanted to be president not just of South Africa but of all Africa and even of the whole Third World. Thus he pumped life and money into the long-defunct Non-Aligned Movement so that he could preside over it. And like so many who have spent their life in the struggle, he wanted the struggle to go on. If Africa’s liberation was now complete, where else should the struggle move ? Obviously, to Israel — another mainly white implant in the Third World. And by foregrounding the Palestinians and grandstanding about them Mbeki could hope to win the support of Muslim nations for his leadership of the Third World.

So endless Mbeki cabinet conferences were devoted to the Arab-Israeli problem. This was done under the public pretence that South Africa, “the miracle nation”, would take its peace-making skills to Israel and help bring about a full settlement there at last. This was regarded both by local Jews and Israelis with complete bemusement. After all, Mbeki’s meetings included extensive representation of Palestinian groups but only a few far-left Jews were invited. Officially, Israel said nothing but made it clear privately that since the ANC wanted to see a “liberated” Israel under Hamas rule, any idea of mediation was simply laughable.

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Jamie Sloan
October 20th, 2015
4:10 PM
"to Israel — another mainly white implant in the Third World." zzzzzz, That is just absolute gibberish. You are the reason for the antisemitsm. Seemingly "good" guys who tell quarter truths. 50% of Israel's Jews come from the same "third world" Ottoman Empire, ie the previous Caliphate, of Constantinople today called Muslim Lands. 20% of Israel's socialist receiving citizens are Muslims and Christians who are not necessarily white, you have there 70%.. Then nearly all the "white" Jews originated in the poorest non-white (except for chance skin color) parts of Europe, called the Pale of Settlement. The majority of male line DNA is "third world" Levant DNA, and at least some percentage of the female DNA is also from the Mideast, so even that remaining 30% is not completely white (if you dumb and evil people are so brainwashed to believe that the western middle east wasn't always "white" to begin with, it just was, greek islands have been colonizing it for 4000 years), just because everyone lies about Jews, doesn't make it true. Then that 30%'s European DNA, the one's you call "white" is all Southern European, ie the DNA you would expect to find in the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium, just prior to the Islamic genocides. Not to even get into that the ancient Hitite EMpire stretched from the Black Sea to today's Israel, and are mentioned extensively in the Bible, if you can't except the Greeks 4000 year presence as enough pre-Arab genocides "whites", in Israel.

Myron Robinson
June 12th, 2015
9:06 AM
So what else is different. The Jews are always the scapegoat. Without Israel we are finished. The SAJBD should take an aggressive stance on the Govt. Anti-Semitism rhetoric but as usual it will pander to its own interest.

Morris Shiffman
June 3rd, 2015
6:06 PM
South Africa is following the example of many failed states. Unable to admit and take responsibility for serious failures in its pathetic attempt to solve the problems of corruption (at government level) poverty and crime they need a scapegoat. Who better than Jews and the Jewish State? Nothing new under the sun. South African Jews should not act like ostriches. The unfolding trends are very clear. Jews of South Africa, the Democratic Jewish State of Israel will welcome you home if you decide to join your people in a country known as the Land of Milk and Honey or in modern day terms The Start-up Nation.

June 1st, 2015
2:06 PM
One question that invalidates any worth to the validity of anything said by SA or any of its vile degenerate leadership, what black holocaust and since there never in the history of the country a policy of genocide against any race of people, when then did this supposed black holocaust take place???

Shaul B
June 1st, 2015
2:06 PM
"Yet Israel now lists South Africa as a country where the Jewish community is under major threat and strongly recommends that the entire community here leave for Israel as soon as possible." Really? Please quote your sources.

May 31st, 2015
5:05 PM
After Mr Mqondisi Duma's bright idea of declaring that Jews should declare their loyalty to the Palestinian cause, he could also request that all members of the Russian Orthodox Church declare their loyalty to the Georgian, Moldovan, Checheyan, Ingushetian, Dagestanian and Kabardino-Balkarian causes... Of cause this list could be extended to many counties and keep the gentleman very busy...

Sivan in Sivan
May 30th, 2015
6:05 PM
As a South African Jew, i also remember ex-President Mr Mbeki's other creative ideas and trajectories re HIV AIDS.

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