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When a car bomb exploded outside Denmark’s embassy in Islamabad on June 2, killing eight, it was easy to guess who had done it and why. Sure enough, some days later al-Qaeda took credit and confirmed its motive: the now-infamous Muhammed cartoons. Originally published in the Jyllands-Posten daily on September 30, 2005, they were reprinted by a raft of Danish dailies this February 13 in a show of solidarity with turban-bomb cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, the target of three would-be assassins who had been arrested the day before. Presumably this rather surprising action — the Danish media, generally speaking, have given Jyllands-Posten a rough time for the past three years for upsetting the Muslims — was the immediate cause for the bombing.

It’s important to understand just what’s going on here, because it’s not just about yellowing cartoons – it’s about Western freedoms.

The first time around, it will be remembered, the cartoons occasioned riots, vandalism, flag burnings, and over 100 deaths worldwide; Danish embassies were torched in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. Little of this mayhem was spontaneous. Most of it took place months after the cartoons were published, and was instigated by Danish imams, who had taken the cartoons (along with more incendiary pictures that they falsely represented as having been published in Denmark) around the Muslim world with the express intention of whipping up a frenzy. Their aim: to pressure tiny Denmark to rein in free speech. The frenzy materialised – but not the expected capitulation. The Danes, you see, have a gutsy side. It came out one night during the Nazi occupation: under the Germans’ noses, they ferried almost all their Jews to safety in Sweden.

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Otto Leibermann
December 3rd, 2008
12:12 PM
There's a good discussion on Islam in Norway on the website which may be of interest.

November 18th, 2008
5:11 AM
Digging back into history, Norway has much of which to be proud in her national resistance to the Nazis. Let us not forget that it was the "Heroes of Telemark" (with british training and support) who destroyed the Norsk Hydro plant and the heavy water supplies therein, crippling the German atomic bomb project irrerversibly. Norwegians also put up a fierce initial resistance to the Nazis, inflicting - along with British, French and other allied forces - heavy casualties on the Germans, especailly the Kriegsmarine (German navy) forces. Do not make the mistake of comparing apples and oranges, however, when comparing the Danish resistance movement to Norwegian. Denmark was (and is) dwarfed by Germany in population, economic power, and military might. Moreover, Jutland is contiguous with Germany, Norway is not. Once occupied, Denmark was found to much less suitable to partisan activity than Norway, because of her size, flat terrain bereft of mountains and forests, and other factors. In sum, both nations resisted as best they could given their circumstances. Sweden, on the other hand, remained ostensibly neutral, but leaned toward Germany at least for the first part of the war. Then as now, the Swedes apparently have other priorities than defending our western way of life, liberties, and freedoms. In this, they are most like the Swiss, who also got into bed with the Nazis whenever it suited their purposes. Making money trumped all, apparently. In fairness to Sweden, there were many there who risked everything to help Danish Jews smuggled into that nation from Denmark, and opposed the Nazis as best they could. However, my criticisms of the Swedish government of that time stand. Denamrk may be tiny, but her people don't like being pushed around... perhaps they can supply some needed backbone to their neighbors vis-a-vis the threat of Islam.

November 10th, 2008
5:11 PM
QUOTE If Obama wins all Europe and the rest of the civilized world will be gone,Me as an American Jew understand it better than any of you who live in your liberal Lala land. America Alone ,and Only the republican party will have a chance ,Maybe to save your ass. But I bet most of you European Obama worshipers can not see this even if it hit you straight in your gutless Eurobutt . QUOTE hahaha it took the Norwegian press excactly TWO days to turn its back on two years of Obama-worshipping. Now he is the president of Big Satan = USA, and we are back to hating you. I am sorry.

November 10th, 2008
5:11 PM
Quote "As I recall from my reading Germany needed 15 million metric tons of iron ore for its war industries. Eleven million of that came from Sweden, first, last and always—well until late in the war when Allied pressure really mounted. Said ore was shipped through the Norwegian port of Narvik. When the Brits attempted to intervene their forces met a minor disaster and the Germans occupied Norway; shipments continuing. I am pulling this from long ago readings, if I need correction I would be glad to hear it. " You certainly need correction: SWEDEN let the germans ship their goods through their country. SWEDEN expelled the parliament-president CJ Hambro when he fled. SWEDEN pledged "neutrality", not Norway. South-Norway was occupied 9.april and the physical resistance lasted until june, for the whole country. The battles of Narvik was about the ore, yes. My own grandfather fought there, please have a sharp distinction between Norway and Sweden during the war, altthough Norway got some help for lots of private swedes, and lots of private swedes were heros and taking care of refugees. But not the Swedish State.

Arne Hvidsteen
September 27th, 2008
3:09 PM
How about writing av follow up, called "While America Slept"? You could describe how you yourself and your fellow Americans were so full of yourself that you failed to realize your own nation's collapse before it was too late. I that would be an interesting read too.

September 9th, 2008
5:09 AM
If Obama wins all Europe and the rest of the civilized world will be gone,Me as an American Jew understand it better than any of you who live in your liberal Lala land. America Alone ,and Only the republican party will have a chance ,Maybe to save your ass. But I bet most of you European Obama worshipers can not see this even if it hit you straight in your gutless Eurobutt .

August 8th, 2008
3:08 PM
Hopefully things will change and we will take a step in the right direction in Sweden after the election in 2010. The political party SD (Swedish Democracts, an non-dhimmi culture conservative party who have the guts to appreciate and protect Swedish and European values) have a good chance of getting into the Swedish Parliament, and if thing will go the right way, they can become the Swedish answer to the Danish political party Dansk Folkeparti (The Danish Peoples Party). It´s probably not an exageration to say that it´s thanks to Dansk Folkeparti that many Danish politicians have choosen the right way when it comes to deal with the threat from islam and muslims.

Adra Badra
July 31st, 2008
1:07 AM
To people in Denmark from Norway - there are many people here who support your struggle against those madmen, we just need to get rid of our present government ...

July 18th, 2008
8:07 PM
Loved your article and will definitely read your book. I think the "Muhammed-crisis" here in Denmark woke up a lot of people. Thank God our prime minister had the guts to stand his ground and not give in to all the pressure from the "politically correct" elite. He gained a lot of respect in the population and it makes one proud to be a dane. There must be no appeasement. We must dig our heels in and refuse to compromise with our freedom of speech. Regardless.

July 9th, 2008
11:07 PM
Howdy from America! Just finishing your book "While Europe Slept." Amazing. Just got back from Europe myself studying European politics. Ha! Your claims are correct and you have woken me up to a side of Europe not many Americans are aware of. Thank you!

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