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Friday 21st October 2016
Brexit Revolt – The insider account of the EU referendum

Brexit Revolt —
the first insider account of the EU referendum

“The true story of how Vote Leave didn’t lose, no matter how hard we tried.”

— Vote Leave board member

Brexit Revolt: How the UK Voted to Leave the EU by Michael Mosbacher and Oliver Wiseman, Standpoint magazine's Managing and Political Editors, (£10 as paperback, £4.99 as ebook) is out now.

Brexit Revolt tells the story not just of a frenetic few months' campaigning, but the battle of ideas and egos that ended with the British people committing so revolutionary an act at the ballot box.

Access to unseen emails between senior Leave campaigners, and interviews with a wide array of Leave figures, make Brexit Revolt essential reading for anyone hoping to make sense of the event that will define our politics for years to come.

Brexit Revolt delves into numerous crucial details from the referendum, gets to the bottom of numerous controversies and unpacks important details, including:

  • Vote Leave’s use of the £350 million figure;
  • The animosity between the warring Brexit camps;
  • UKIP’s use of the “Breaking Point” poster;
  • Why Project Fear failed.

“Gripping and to the point, this is a well informed and thoughtful account of the politics of Brexit, one that ably captures the roles of ideas, individuals and events. A must read.” — Professor Jeremy Black, Britain’s most prolific historian

"A cracking read" — Dan Hannan MEP


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