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Tuesday 20th November 2018
Standpoint needs your help — one last time

Standpoint needs your help - one last time

In April this year Standpoint celebrated its centenary — our 100th issue — and in June we reached our 10th anniversary. We are now hard at work on Standpoint's 107th issue, the December/January double.  

Standpoint has managed to survive for ten years in a hostile climate. We have managed to achieve much on a budget a fraction that of other competitor titles such as Prospect, the London Review of Books and the Spectator.  

Sales alone are sadly not enough to keep an endeavour such as ours going. I am writing to ask for your help one last time — donations now would be more impactful than at any other point and could end up being matched many times over.  If you want to see Standpoint thriving, now is the time to donate.  

For our first seven years we had one core backer underpinning us — a munificent supporter who has not been thanked enough for what his backing has achieved. Since then we have had to struggle on without a single core supporter; our donors and readers have been generous — but frankly it has been a struggle.  Our Editor Daniel Johnson has nevertheless managed to produce a much admired product month after month, with the Stakhanovite editorial and production exertions of Robert Low ensuring that his vision sees the light of day.  For a staff of four to produce a monthly magazine is quite an achievement — if we say so ourselves.

Moving forward, it is looking hopeful that a new backer will come on board in the New Year and invest substantially in Standpoint.  This will enable us to build on what we have been doing best over the last ten years and also refresh the magazine — and to do so on a secure and properly financed basis.  It will enable us to invest in the best writers, be sufficiently staffed and to engage in subscriptions marketing — boosting subscribers is the only route to long term self sufficiency. We will also be able to revamp our website — we do realise our current effort is appalling but we have not had the funds to change it. For a much better digital experience, subscribe to our App (free for existing print subscribers): go to

But we are not there yet. We still have the December/January issue to bring out and we need to be up and running to secure the new funding.  Bringing out each issue of Standpoint (all told — including authors' fees, staff costs, printing, postage etc) costs around £40,000 and we still need £20,000 or so this year.  A donation now has the potential of unleashing significant, secure long term funding for the magazine.

Standpoint is published by the Social Affairs Unit, a UK registered charity — so donations are Gift Aidable (to do so all we need is an email from you saying you would like us to apply Gift Aid).  We hope that you might be persuaded to donate now — our existing individual donors give between £50 and £25,000 and donations of any size will make a real difference.  If you donate £50 or over we would be pleased to set up a one year Gift Subscription for whoever you wish to nominate.

Not being pushy, but moving to practicalities - donations can be made by bank transfer to:

Account name: Social Affairs Unit

Sort code: 30 96 64

Account no: 28880068

Or by sending a cheque — made out to "Social Affairs Unit" — to the address below.  We can also take CAF/charity vouchers — again made out to "Social Affairs Unit" and sent to the below address.  If you would rather donate by card, let us know and we will set up a PayPal invoice.

Your sincerely

Michael Mosbacher

Managing Editor, Standpoint magazine

Director, Social Affairs Unit

Standpoint magazine
10 Greenwich Quay
London, SE8 3EY
020 7563 9845 
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Michael Mosbacher
November 25th, 2018
4:11 PM
Just a response for those who have left comments generously offering to donate. I have no way of replying as our antiquated website does not actually keep your email address. Please email me at or call on 020 7563 9845. Thank you

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