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Thanks to Wright, the American public has become acquainted with “black liberation theology”, not always a pretty sight. There he is in video clips, screaming hatred and kookery: the United States had 9/11 coming; the American government invented Aids in order to decimate blacks; and so on.

Senator Obama has done a fast and determined distancing act. But Wright has undoubtedly unnerved a great many Americans. How could Senator Obama have sat in those pews drinking it in for 20 years? Is he a “post-racial” American, as many say, or a nurser of grievances and a believer in conspiracy theories?

As a candidate, John McCain has a number of strengths, among them grit and his heroic Vietnam war record. He has liabilities too. For one thing, he needs to reassure conservatives, many of whom recoil from him, or at least look askance at his moderate-to-liberal positions. Then there is his temperament, not always the most placid. And of course there is his age: at 72 he would be the oldest man ever elected president.

But against Obama, McCain could play age to his advantage. He could say, “Yeah, I’m an old coot, all banged up. I earned a lot of scars in the service of my country. We are now in two shooting wars and a broader war on terror. As for Senator Obama, he’s a nice kid. But we’re talking about commander-in-chief here.”

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Tony Papafilis
June 4th, 2008
7:06 AM
Obama started out presenting as the black man that is beyond race politics. The charade has been exposed and he is now rightly seen as another Jesse Jackson, albeit a smoother version. Obama defends the Reverend because he can "understand" black anger yet can't understand why an elderly white woman (his grandmother) is intimidated by a group of aggresive young black men walking towards her. Doesn't he read the papers or watch the news to see the prevalance of black crime. He has not said anything against the racial political myths that allow black squalor to continue. Obama denies his white heritage except when it suits. He is not a black American but a black Kenyan with a white American mother yet talks of black Americans as his people - does it mean his mother's people are not his people? How racist! Obama is not a post-racial candidate but a Manchurian Candidate. Bring on Bill Crosby if you want a black President that is beyond race politics.

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