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Conversation One. 1.15pm

Hello. Welcome to British Gas. Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

Me: Hello, I wonder whether you could help me. One of your engineers is coming to service my central heating boiler this afternoon - between 1pm and 6pm - and I just wondered whether there is any possibility of giving me a slightly more specific time. I'd love just to pop out and do a bit of shopping.

British Gas: Sorry but our afternoon appointments are always between one and six.

Me: But surely your engineer must know by now how many jobs he's doing and so could give a rough estimate of when he'll arrive here. It seems a bit ridiculous that he can't say whether it'll be before 3pm or after 3pm, don't you agree?

BG: Yes, I do agree. I'll try to track down the engineer and ring you back as soon as I can.

Me: Oh that's wonderful. Thank you so much, I'm most grateful.

Conversation Two. 2.05pm

Hello. Welcome to British Gas. Calls are being recorded etc ....

Me: Hello, I rang about an hour ago and a very nice colleague of yours - I didn't catch her name - said she would ring me back to let me know whether it might be possible for me to leave my house to do a bit of shopping for about 20 minutes between now and 6pm when the engineer is supposed to come. She hasn't rung.

BG: I do apologise. But we have a rule that we can only ring the engineer half way through the 1pm to 6pm period. So I'm sure you'll get a phone call shortly after 3.30pm.

Me: What? That seems a very ridiculous rule. Don't you agree? What's the reason for it?

BG: I don't know what the reason for it is. I agree, it seems a bit ridiculous.

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January 28th, 2015
6:01 PM
I had an on call engineer call at my house at 10.00 pm who had started work at 8.00 am, he was half asleep when he arrived to work on my gas boiler, this can not be safe, I did not sleep all night wondering if he had done his job right.

November 9th, 2012
9:11 AM
It was December time when my boiler decided to stop working. I have the top cover with British Gas so I called them to arrange an engineer to come out. I was told I would have to wait 7 days as they were only doing priority cases first. I explain that I had 3 small children and with no hot water or heating it should be a priority. I was told t wrap my children up and they would be fine. when i complained about that comment, the lady then proceeded to say " well at least you don't have cancer". I was absolutely shocked by this comment. To which I reapplied "how do you know what I may have". She replied by saying "we'll you didn't mention it in conversation". I was so angry and told her that if I had cancer, (which I don't) I would not be sharing that with a complete stranger. We argued for a further 5mins, but again that's all she could give me. When I called BG the following day to see if they could do anything for me, straight away a lovely man said " will tomorrow to ok". I was amazed as I was previously told there were no appointments and subjected to an assault. I often wonder if that call was ever used for training purposes.

Sue S
January 7th, 2009
10:01 AM
Yesterday, my boiler was making very strange noises so before it died, I made a call to British Gas. A very nice man told me "You've done the right thing in contacting us, Thursday morning ok?" In view of the fact that I still had heating & hot water, I agreed. Two hours later my boiler sadly died. I phoned British Gas back to explain the situation, bearing in mind their promise when I took out the agreement that "Phone before 9.30 and an engineer will call the same day". They said that as I had no hot water or heating that they would "Prioritize" my call and once again offered me an appointment on Thursday morning!? I couldn't have anything earlier because all of their engineers were busy, unless.....Pay an extra £3 a month and they will, as if by magic, send an engineer, the same day if you call by 10!!! I have had cover from BG for my kitchen appliances, boiler and central heating, drains, plumbing and electrical for over 6 years and have paid a fortune to them. When I need them, the service is typically not there. I will be seeking cover elsewhere in the future. I wonder, if indeed the engineer arrives; how many days it will be before the repair is actually completed???

Kathy P
January 6th, 2009
1:01 PM
I have had no hot water or heating for three days boiler broke down on Sunday morning and was told first appointment was Tuesday...Sunday night was -5 so I rang Monday to see if I could get an earlier appointment. Was told if I signed up to Timechoice I could have somone that day.... Obviously the £300+ I pay a year isn't sufficient to get an engineering visit even though the paperwork I have says 'in 8 out of 10 cases, same day call outs are guaranteed'... how do I make sure I am one of the 8/10 instead of the 2/10??!! I will definitely look for a different company for my next years insurance cover....

Bob Wylie
December 2nd, 2008
4:12 PM
I totally sympathise with you. I just yesterday got a an upsell letter telling me that I can cover my drains for an extra so many pounds per month, despite the fact that I am already on homecare 300!! I totally agree with you on the TimeChoice programme. Why pay twenty odd pounds a month when you can pay an extra 3 pounds so someone can come out!! Oh I am really on my soapbox now - It annoys me that you can not have any cover, and still get the £99 (we'll fix anything) cover! now breath...

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